Why eat more fruit?

If there’s any food group that everyone knows is perfect for nutrition and health benefits, it is fruit. From a young age, we are informed on nearly a daily basis that fruit has a large part to play in our health. From famous sayings to advertising, it is generally thrust in our faces. But how much do we actually understand fruit? How much do we know about the true health benefits of the food group? It is easy to say we know a lot, but the true benefits of fruit are actually alien to many. In this article we will look at just how powerful a force fruit is in our healthy lifestyles, and what it can do for us in the long term. You may be surprised.

The first thing we have to get out of the way is the fact that fruit is just naturally healthy. It has hardly anything that could be considered ‘bad for you’ in it so when you eat fruit, you’re generally tucking into something that is going to do you some good. All fruit is naturally low in fat for a start. That’s a biggie, because it means that if you eat it in place of stuff that has fat in it (such as a bacon sandwich) you are already working hard to make your body much healthier. All fruit contains no cholesterol either, so it is truly a healthy part of anyone’s diet, especially someone who is reaching a certain age and wants to get healthy.

Vitamin C all over the place

Plenty of fruit types contain vitamin C. this is an incredible asset to any diet, because this particular vitamin helps to rebuild tissue. It helps to heal up any cuts and wounds you may have in your body, and generally boosts your immune system all round. One of the best sources of vitamin C is the orange, and if you eat one of these a day you can be certain that your body is resisting damage. It’s easy to bring one to the office, for example. And think of all that tissue repair, it actually happens with vitamin C. You won’t get that with a pasty or a chocolate biscuit, that’s for sure.

If you combine fruit with vegetables in your diet you’re bringing double the protection power to your life. In fact, it is widely understood that a diet that includes fruit and vegetables can actively help in the fight against cancer. You can bring more immunity to your body with this type of diet, so it is well worth integrating it into how you eat.

On a more general level when it comes to illness and disease, if you eat fruit on a regular basis you are taking in good stuff that can help prevent heart disease and strokes. This is a proven fact, and it has been seen as a direct result of a fruit-heavy diet for years. So if you want to make your quality of life better, fruit is the answer.

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