Not All Hair Extensions Are the Same

According to statistics, 45% of women over the age of forty experience thinning of the hair. They also lose the volume and bounce in their hair which they once experienced in their youth. Once the effects of a blow-dry subside, the hair looks lifeless and limp. However, fine, thinning hair can be alleviated with the right extensions or hair loss enhancement system. That is where the idea of “fillers” come into play.

Whilst fillers sound more like a solution for plumping up a woman’s sagging face, hair extensions can also act as fillers to reinvigorate thin or listless strands. However, instead of adding length, extensions today can be used to increase volume as well.

A New Type of Extension

Plus, some of the new innovative extensions are not noticeable like some extensions – the ones where you can see the join, or the point where the artificial hair meets the real hair. So, if you are like some women who have experienced hair loss or thinning, you may not have considered extensions for pumping up the volume of your hair or reinvigorating your style.

Fillers for the hair then enable you to have the best possible version of your own hair, but enhanced. Unfortunately, as women age, imbalanced hormones and a drier scalp often lead to thinning and hair loss. Nevertheless, the issue can be resolved by using the right extensions or hair enhancer system. An enhancer system, in and of itself, covers up any type of hair loss without having to resort to surgery.

The Highest Quality Hair

The extensions used at a female hair loss clinic – Hair Solved, for example, elevate the idea of adding extensions to a whole new level. The hair that is used is of the highest quality and is secured with discreet fixing techniques. Not only that, the extensions last for over three months, and also can be reused, provided the wearer maintains the hair properly.

Unlike other extension applications, these new and innovative extensions do not use heat-based attachment techniques or glues. That is because these methods can damage a client’s hair as well as the extensions themselves. The discreet micro-beading method that is used ensures that the extensions are secured without any underlying stress or strain.

Impressive Results

So, if you want to achieve impressive results and avoid wearing a wig, you need to review these types of innovative hair loss solutions. These type of hair loss treatments make it possible for you to carry on your daily activities without worry. You cannot say the same for a temporary hair replacement solution, such as a wig.

If you want to make an appointment to schedule a consultation then, you can do so online. Discuss your hair loss or thinning situation with a hair professional in order to review your options. When you add these kinds of fillers to thinning hair, you not only add more bounce to your hair, you will also note an added spring in your step. Review your options today, whether you need an extensive treatment option or simply want to check on extensions for your hair.

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