Where Can I Buy HGH?

HGH therapies or getting injected by synthetic human growth hormones have become increasingly popular due to its benefits. But while people look down on this procedure, those who get it legally are people who are in need of HGH because of deficiency or insufficiency. Otherwise, injecting growth hormones could be detrimental to your health.

However, improper use and abuse aren’t the only things that could cause minor and major health problems. Buying and using fake brands also have their own fair share of danger.

That said, today we’ll be talking about who can get injections and where you can buy HGH.

Who should get HGH?

You might have read about the benefits of synthetic growth hormones and you’ve decided to get it to fight aging, or get more energy, or perhaps help in weight loss. However, you can’t just decide on getting it just because you thought so. With this, the only way you can get HGH is likely the illegal way and you won’t be too sure if you got the right or an authentic medication.

The only ones that can get this kind of therapy are people who have proven they lack naturally-occurring human growth hormones. They need to get themselves tested and once the results show they require synthetic HGH injections, they can then proceed to their doctors.

Doctors would either prescribe them a brand and the right dosage or they would recommend a specialist that you can approach. Only then will you be able to purchase any kind of HGH medication.

Where can I buy HGH?

With a prescription on hand, it’s now time to know where can I buy HGH. For most patients, there are two methods: buying online and over the counter.

Over the counter HGH drugs can be easily found in countries like Mexico. There are several pharmacies that carry various brands. But while getting HGH is legal in Mexico, you can only buy it with a prescription on hand.

If you have also bought from Mexico, chances are you won’t be able to bring it across the border since it is illegal. The same rules apply to both over the counter drugs and ones that are bought online.

How to buy online

A lot of people these days buy everything online and that’s the same with HGH therapy patients. Many patients in need of growth hormones are now depending on sites online for their medications. However, you will need extra care and take more precautions when buying from the web.

That said, here’s the best way to know which places are legitimate or not.

Check out reviews 

There are several websites online that list down legitimate places and where past patients can put reviews about the site itself and the brand/s they carry. It’s best that you check out these places and double check whether the place is popular among fellow HGH patients. The more people that follow and review them, the better as that means many trust them.

In addition, you should check Google Reviews for that specific site.

Research about the brand 

Apart from the website, you also need to research about the brand. One factor you should note is that it should be injectable. Products in other forms like creams, sprays, and oral pills are a big red flag as experts don’t believe these are effective and might cause minor to major health problems.

If you can also check out the lot number and the expiry date of the specific brand, the better. There are companies that imitate legitimate brands and fool people. With the help of the lot number or serial code, you have a better chance of authenticating whether it’s original or not.

Last of all, know all you can about the brand – – what company they are from, possible side effects, and even studies associated with them if possible.

Talk to someone 

A legitimate site should have contact details. It could be an email address, phone number, actual address of the company, or a combination of any or all. This allows potential customers to talk to someone if there are certain issues and inquiries. They may even have chat support for this sole purpose.

Talking to a chat support agent is good. But it’s better to call someone. Talking to them in real time allows you to ask questions and you can gauge their knowledge by that. It also helps you feel whether they can be trusted.


Every step of getting HGH therapy is important, most especially when choosing the place where you’re getting the medication. There could be extreme repercussions when you get a fake brand or you may not even get the item you paid for. Getting scammed online is a real thing and can happen to anyone.

It may take quite some time to find a reliable place, but the effort for finding an authentic HGH is worth it.

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