Borage oil – nature’s best kept secret and miracle skin cure

Native to the Mediterranean and The Middle East, borage oil comes from the seeds of a plant called starflower. The oil produced is high in linoleic acid, which is a fundamental fatty acid necessary for the skin and body. In fact, it is essential or our systems but it is not produced inside our bodies; hence it must be taken from outside sources. Over the years, research has proven that borage oil is pure gold for the skin. It is a miracle cure that treats everything from eczema to dermatitis, rash, redness, skin discoloration, acne, and more.

Borage oil – general uses

Borage has a long historical background in culinary and medicinal use that dates back more than a thousand years. It is widely cultivated in many European countries for its healing properties, but it can also be a great addition to common dishes like salads, sauces, and soups. Borage oil is excellent at diminishing inflammation and alleviating pain. Among other uses, we should also mention:

  • Skin moisturizer – all-natural anti aging boil that hydrates the skin, repairs it and restores its elasticity.
  • Relieving treatment against PMS, breast tenderness, menopausal symptoms, cramps and other associated discomforts in women
  • Stress reducer – borage oil can be an excellent type of treatment against stress and high blood pressure.

Borage oil is also used in aromatherapy as an essential oil. It can be vaporized or inhaled, and it can easily be blended with other types of oils such as rosehip, jojoba, or thistle. It has an euphoric, uplifting effect, and it is said to ease depression and mood swings.


Borage is filled with all sorts of macronutrients including fats, protein, carbohydrates and fiber, as well as with essential vitamins such as vitamin C and A, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, and choline. The oil produced from this plant is high in healthy fatty acids. It looks like borage oil contains an incredibly high amount of GLA, gamma-linoleic acid (from 17% to 25%). GLA is a vital polyunsaturated omega 3 fat which is great for your skin and joints. The body transforms it into prostaglandins, which are in charge of regulating the immune system and helping it ward off inflammation.

Benefits of borage oil

Together with black currant and evening primrose, borage oil is an extremely efficient anti-inflammatory. This herbal oil keeps the bones strong and healthy, maintains proper brain function, and takes good care of your hair and skin. Many believe that borage is nature’s best kept secrets. It helps cure eczema, acne, psoriasis and redness. A study performed in 2009 found that women dealing with severe skin conditions experienced tremendous relief after taking borage oil. Furthermore, another study highlighted that this herb was helpful at treating peridontitis. People who took borage oil supplements experienced reduced peridontitis and improved gum health.

Borage oil – how does it work?

Borage oil can either be ingested under the form of a supplement, or applied topically onto the skin. If you’ve decided to take borage oil supplements, you should know that it might help fix cellular activity inside the body; as well as make sure that your internal organs are kept safe. When used topically, the effects are more visible on the area you have applied the oil. It is deeply absorbed into the skin and then released into the blood stream.

Borage oil should be purchased from certified health stores only. Use it only from a bottle, and don’t heat it because you risk losing the benefits of the fatty acids contained. To make sure that your product is always fresh and ready to use, store it in the refrigerator or someplace cool.

How safe is borage oil?

Providing that you’re taking borage oil in a dosage recommended by your physician, it should be perfectly safe. The ideal amount is between 1,000 and 1,300 mg/day. This would mean that the quantity of GLA is somewhere between 240 and 300 mg. If you’re taking borage oil under the form of a supplement, make sure you take it with food in order to increase the absorption of GLA. It is important to search for high-quality supplements that guarantee safe and freshness throughout the manufacturing process. Also, make sure that you’re choosing a product free of PA, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which is a carcinogenic liver toxin. Your chosen product should have on the label certified “hepatotoxic PA-free”.

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