How to Sleep All Night Regularly

The importance of a good night’s sleep is not something to take lightly. With so many elements of your system depending on the ability of the body to regenerate, recuperate, and regulate during sleep cycles it is essential to your health and wellbeing that you take sleep seriously.

*Having a regular schedule complete with a bedtime and a wake up time helps the body to establish habits and patterns it can rely on. If you always go to bed around the same time, you will find that if you try to stay up late, your body will send signals that it’s time for sleep.  In this way you teach yourself to fall asleep with ease when it is time.

*Caffeine is the enemy of sleep. You don’t want to drink any caffeinated beverages or foods in the afternoon or evening. Even if you don’t think it stimulates you anymore, it stimulates your nervous system which may make you feel jittery or over stimulated, or it may simply keep you from relaxing fully and achieving the necessary sleep stages your body needs for recovery.

*Take time to shut down before you go to bed and try to sleep. Relaxation is key to allowing the mind and body to rest. There are lots of ways to relax, spend some time deep breathing, take a bath, or drink a cup of herbal tea.

*Don’t be in bed for activities other than sleep. Your bed is not the right place to watch television or read books. You should be teaching your body that when you lie down it’s time for rest. Sometimes snoring, or other sleep conditions will wake you. If this occurs regularly it might be time to see a doctor or try an at home snoring reduction treatment such as theravent which can help keep airways open and prevent obtrusive noisy breathing from keeping you awake.

*Be proactive about your health. If sleeping is becoming an issue for you take the time to see your doctor. Ask lots of questions and research your options. If CPAP is recommended to you, ask you doctor is something less bulky, less expensive and much easier to use such as theravent might be a possibility. The worst-case scenario is that the treatment for the problem you have is uncomfortable and makes it even more difficult for you to sleep.

Ultimately your goal is to get your mind and body healthy enough to enjoy the benefits of a full and rejuvenating full night of rest. Your sleep habits, weight, and diet all impact how long and how well your remain in each stage of your sleep cycle. There are many things you can do on your own, without a doctor to establish the wake and sleep habits that fit your body and your needs the best. Follow the above advice and you will find you have more energy, can think more clearly and feel much less stress.

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