Essential Ingredients for Natural Skincare

Today people are more interested in beauty products that are made using natural and healthful ingredients such as coconut water, coconut oil, honey, essential oils, and cold pressed oils. The skin and hair care industries have hopped on board this train by adding some of these elements into commercial products, hoping you don’t notice the other standard ingredients they are still using. If you want to keep your skin and hair care regiment clean and toxin free you might have to seek out someone who creates them at home, a natural goods store, or even make them yourself.

One of my personal favorites is a hair cleanser made from equal amounts of coconut water, and honey. Coconut water is full of vitamins and minerals as well as a high quantity of fat, which conditions the hair, while honey has naturally cleansing and antibacterial properties. These qualities make the combination irresistible and it really isn’t as sticky as it would seem, rinsing out easily. For people that want even more cleansing or have oily hair to begin with a little splash of castile soap in the mix can deep clean the hair and scalp. Many people like to use a water and apple cider vinegar rinse after to ensure no residue is left on the hair or scalp. There are many amazing recipes online for those looking for additional fragrances.

Skin adores coconut water as much as your body. You can drink it, or use it, as a refreshing facial mist spray that smells wonderful and adds needed moisture to the skin. Coconut water can also be used in conjunction with olive oil, avocado oil, grape-seed oil, beeswax and Shea butter for a fantastic moisturizer. Natural ingredients are relatively inexpensive, easy to acquire and deliciously nourishing for your body and mind. Your health, your pocketbook, and your conscience will be thankful you did a bit of exploring to find the perfect mix for you.  Experimentation is essential.

Farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and other local events will likely offer up a wide variety of options that are already made so you don’t have to worry about creating your own recipes, but that takes much of the fun and personalization out of the process. With just a little research, and a good idea of what type of skin and hair issues you have, the perfect natural products are just a shopping trip and a bout with the blender away.

Many of these coconut water concoctions do need to be refrigerated and used rather quickly so you want to make small batches so the freshness of your ingredients is always guaranteed. Small individual packages of coconut water are easy to find and you can stock up since it has a relatively long shelf life. Small batches also allow you to easily change up the fragrance combinations you are using. Seasonal fragrances can be really fun to play with and holidays add even further inspiration.

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