What You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a popular choice in the cosmetic world due to their impressive, long-lasting results. Whether you’re curious about what they do could do for you or you simply want to keep up with current beauty trends, there is much to know.

A lot of people have heard the term “dermal fillers” or “cosmetic injections” but don’t properly understand how or why they are used. There are a variety of reasons why dermal fillers are used. From wanting to look more youthful to reducing the appearance of deep acne scars, dermal fillers have become a popular cosmetic choice. They’re essentially non-surgical cosmetic injectables that are used for various purposes and people. Plumper skin, enhanced lips and the reduction of wrinkles and scars are just some of the reasons why people actively book in for dermal fillers. Understandably, you may have some questions about dermal fillers if you’re considering treatment.

What Are They and What Can I Use Them For?

Dermal fillers are a non-invasive procedure that’s commonly used on wrinkles, creases and lips as a cosmetic treatment to restore youth, plump skin and improve confidence. In simple terms, dermal fillers are tiny soft-tissue injections of natural gel that encourage proteins which are naturally found in our bodies.

The process is often fast and effective, and depending on your desired results, it’s possible for your goal to be reached in just one session. Dermal fillers are most commonly used as an anti-ageing alternative, as well as for lip enhancement and to help with past acne scarring.

Dermal fillers essentially encourage the skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is naturally found in multiple parts of our bodies and is the protein that gives our skin strength and elasticity. It also replaces dead skin cells, contributing to healthier, tighter and smoother looking skin.

Are They Safe?

Dermal fillers often come with the misconception that they’re painful, uncomfortable or unsafe. The words “cosmetic injections” generally have negative connotations, and dermal fillers are often thrown into the same category.

However, dermal fillers are generally very safe. When performed by a cosmetic technician that knows what they’re doing, there is hardly any downtime. Some bruising can obviously occur, but the process is quick and free of danger. When injected into where they’re intended, dermal fillers don’t pose any threat. Trained professionals will be the smartest choice to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and supported. The quick process and the use of very thin needles mean that patients describe any pain as minimal. As a result, dermal fillers aren’t commonly recognised as a painful procedure.

How Many Treatments Will I Need and How Long Does Each Session Take?

This generally depends on where the dermal fillers are being injected. For example, lip enhancements usually require a revisit every six months or so because the gel that is used naturally breaks down over time.

One of the biggest perks of dermal filers is that although the results are impressive and long-term, they are only temporary. Once the gel breaks down and disappears from the body, a revisit to your cosmetic technician is required to have it restored.

Generally, dermal fillers take about 20 to 40 minutes, and results can last from 6 to 24 months. Dermal fillers to reduce wrinkles or assist in facial contouring usually require a maintenance treatment after 6 to 12 months.

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