Aloe Vera and male care

Increasingly, the man is aware of the benefits of skin care. It is no longer just a girl thing! Did you know that aloe vera is a perfect ally for the care of your skin? What you have.

While Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient perfectly suited for different male and female skins, its benefits make it perfect ally among men, that you flee certain creams, fragrances and cosmetic care more feminine condition.

The same Alexander the Great used it to take care of the wounds of his soldiers. Here are some tricks to keep the skin of the heroes of Macedonia:

SHAVE: as I have said before, many shaving lotions soothe or cool only temporarily but do not treat. Go beyond! Apply yourself our pure Aloe Vera Gel and lucire is smooth skin, regenerated, irresistible!

CONSTANT CARE: We’ve also told you, your skin is thicker and fat than women, and is thus better protected. So are minor cosmetic habits in you. But that does not mean that does not require protection and care.

The secret? Low intensity more often. Thanks to our promotion you will taste our Bath Gel Aloe Vera, daycare. There too many words: I try it and you count us.

EYE: your first notable wrinkles. Make no mistake: George Clooney’s looks great, but not everyone is George Clooney.

If you do not want to use a specific product, a trick: always carry our Aloe Vera Lip Protector (gift now our promotion) and make an application from the outline that you will remember forever.

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