Sensitive Skin Care

Looks nice, smooth and transparent … but alters the slightest stimulus. If you have sensitive skin, temperature changes, spicy, alcohol, test new products, sun … you have a thousand enemies!

You know how to take care of? We help you!

Learn to distinguish

Although the symptoms sometimes coincide, we must distinguish between sensitive skin and sensitized skin.

Sensitive skin shows tightness and itching, excessive overreaction to climate, unsuitable products, an energetic cleaning or hard water.

Often, it can be treated with current care products. It does not tolerate anything and becomes allergic: itchy, tight, red, flaky.

Sensitized skin: some intolerances daily hygiene products produce true allergies (always in pharmacy care!) and cause eczema or hives. Ask your doctor to check the cause.


The best advice? Determine the type and cause. And run away from it.

  • Always use specific products under pharmaceutical or dermatological advice
  • Avoid astringents or drying products such as tonics
  • If water affects your skin, use gentle products without rinsing (ideal our Cleansing Milk)
  • Use neutral products with fewer ingredients, alcohol…
  • Certain irritants assets are still present in some products: yours forever in Pharmacy

Is it your case? You have doubts? Ask us!

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