3 Unusual Ways To Lose Weight

Losing those few extra pounds off your stomach can at times be an absolute nightmare! We’d all love to have Chris Evans and Jennifer Anniston’s body but it seems too much of an effort. We would rather eat a tub of ice cream while watching American idol, wouldn’t we? Admit it, we’re just a lazy and aren’t willing to out some real effort to our perfect body dreams. We tend to opt for shortcuts, wherever possible, such as, consuming weight loss pills to save us the hassle of getting out of bed and flexing some muscle.

However, there are some amongst us who work out, may be conscious of their diet, and are considerably active yet they can’t shake those pounds off. I know you’ve all tried the basics, such as diet control, exercising, and staying away from the sweet pleasures, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work. Well, try some of these unusual methods that might just work out for you!

Lose weight while watching television

Life’s tough, I get it. You’re so cramped up with college assignments or office work that the only time you get to breathe is at 10 in the night. Surely, nobody would want to go to the gym and work out after having all the energy strained out of your body! Anyone with a super busy schedule would rather lie on the couch and watch the news or the latest episode of Game Of Thrones because it’s your time to relax. Well, why don’t you work out while watching T.V? Go for 3 sets of pushups and 3 sets of crunches, every time a commercial comes on. This will help you in working out without making it a chore, plus, it’s a great way to kill time when you have to tolerate all those annoying commercials! The next commercial break, calls for the treadmill and for the next one, aim for 10 reps of weight lifting, for each arm or 15 bench presses. Keep up with this routine and get into great shape in the next few days without dragging yourself to the gym or out of that couch after a long, tiring day! You can even wear your slimming corsets while working out to turn that pot belly into a perfectly, chisled and toned down body!

Go paintballing

Are you too lazy to join a gym? Well, no problem, because paintballing is the perfect substitute. We know, those paintballs hurt and leave a blue nasty bruise that will stay with you for some time but it’s a great way to lose weight because you’re likely to burn around 800-10,000 calories, per session. When paintballing, you keep running in order to avoid getting hit, running is one of the best exercises and you’ll be doing it without having to put your running shoes, it’s nothing but fun when it’s paintball! Go paintballing a couple of times, every week, with your peers and it won’t even feel like a workout, but just be careful not to run too hard because this might lead to a sprain or injury.

Increase your appetite for sex

Is it just me, or this article seems too good to be true? I know what you all are thinking, really, SEX? Well, the answer is, YES! Having sex is equivalent to a light workout that burns around 80 calories, I mean wow! If you’re looking to drop a few pounds there’s not a way that’s easier and more pleasurable. Just keep your bedroom life interesting and don’t let that fire burn out! Just make sure your seduction game is strong so that your partner doesn’t get bored or fed up. It may be an exercise for you but they’re going to need the motive to go at it 2-3 times a day, you know! It’s quite exhausting.


If you are a firm believer of working out every day while completely quitting alcohol, you must know, that this information might just be a misconception out on the internet! Alcohol burns your fat, so how can quitting it help you lose weight? Working out every day isn’t good because that puts too much strain on your heart and your body needs a break, at times! So go to the gym, if you can 4 maximum 5 times a week or you have such amazing alternative solutions that can be incorporated in your life wihout any excuse.

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